Taking a Healthy Interest in You
An agency of the Ministry of Health
ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Who We Are

The National Health Fund is established to provide financial support to the national healthcare system to improve its effectiveness and the health of the Jamaican population through two categories of benefits.


This benefit provides assistance to persons, initially, to purchase specific prescription drugs used in the treatment and management of designated chronic illnesses. The National Health Fund started operations on April 28th 2003 with the registration of persons applying for NHF Individual Benefits. The NHF also conducts an intensive public information programme to educate the public about chronic illness prevention and management.


This benefit provides assistance to private and public sector organisations for projects. The Health Promotion & Protection Fund provides financial assistance for projects that support primary health care with an emphasis on health promotion and illness prevention. The Health Support Fund provides financial assistance for projects in the public sector to help improve infrastructure and service delivery facilities.


No financial barriers to health care.


To provide funding for specified healthcare benefits, health promotion, health projects and pharmacy services in a sustainable, efficient and customer centric environment.


At the National Health Fund, we are committed to the highest standards of honesty, integrity and quality.
In discharging our responsibilities, we will be guided by the highest moral and ethical standards and will at all times demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism.


It is the policy of the National Health Fund (NHF) to: 

  • Provide services of the highest possible standards, that meet our customer requirements and enhance customer satisfaction through continual improvement of our processes.

  • Achieve our quality objectives by establishing, implementing and maintaining an effective Quality Management System which complies with applicable requirements including ISO 9001:2015.


The NHF is run by a Board of Directors, led by a Chairman, with sub-committees that oversee the efficient running of the NHF.

  • Finance, Operations and Institutional Benefits
  • Audit and Governance 
  • Medical Review 
  • Public Private Partnership (pharmaceutical distribution)
  • National Health Insurance Plan


Persons seeking assistance from NHF Individual Benefits must be certified, by a registered private or public doctor, with one or more of the specified medical conditions and register with the NHF. Once approved, the beneficiary is issued with a NHF card and will be able to get assistance with the purchase of drugs from approved participating pharmacies. The NHF makes a fixed payment towards the price set by the pharmacy for drugs approved by the NHF. The beneficiary is required to pay the difference - the co-payment. The NHF also takes an active role in educating the population and its beneficiaries on the importance of properly managing and treating their chronic condition. Various strategies are used to achieve this including informational advertising and literature, seminars and promotions through public events e.g. health fairs.

Organisations seeking assistance from NHF Institutional Benefits must submit a project request to the NHF outlining the project objectives, cost, duration and expected outcomes. Health Promotion & Protection projects will be evaluated by the NHF in accordance with the principal objectives of health promotion and illness prevention within national healthcare priorities and goals as set out by the Government. Health Support projects will be evaluated in accordance with the national healthcare priorities and goals using the PAHO eleven Essential Public Health Functions as a guideline.


The revenue sources are:

20% of  Special Consumption Tax charged on Tobacco Products with effect from April 14, 2008.
5% of Special Consumption Tax collected.
1/2% of annual earnings up to $500K paid by employee and employer, collected by the NIS.