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An agency of the Ministry of Health
ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Corporate Social Responsibility

In executing its mission the National Health Fund (NHF) is dedicated to effectively managing the economic, environmental and socio-cultural impact of its operations on society.

The organization’ Corporate Social Responsibility Framework, provides a practical outline and reference for its employees, suppliers, customers and communities to foster socially responsible behavior.

To this end, the organisation directs its efforts towards:

  • equity in the distribution of benefits
  • compliance with legal requirements and ethical norms,
  • efficiency in our operations
  • the protection of the environment
  • enhancing the well-being of Jamaican residents and improving the communities in which we operate
  • and enhancing the well-being of the NHF staff



Through its Corporate Social Responsibility Framework the NHF is committed to improving the quality of life for Jamaicans and does so through the establishment of various partnerships.

The Fund:

  • Has built strong relationships with charitable organisations and provides assistance to homes of safety and infirmaries to improve access to medication.
  • Supports youth development by facilitating valuable work experience through its summer employment programme and internships for pharmacy students.



The Staff Welfare & Charity Committee organises charity outreaches and encourages volunteerism among staff members.

nhf cda

NHF staff members visited the Child Development Agency to deliver items collected 
from staff members islandwide in support of the children of the Walkers Place of Safety.
Here Audrey Budhi, from CDA examines one of 
the boxes delivered.