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National Health Fund
The Towers, 6th Floor
25 Dominica Drive, Kingston 5

21 Locations Islandwide

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Ulster Spring Health Centre

Ulster Spring Health

Tel: 876-610-0378

Falmouth Hospital

Rodney Street, Falmouth

Tel: 876-954-3250


Falmouth Health Centre


Tel: 876-954-3689

Savanna La Mar Public General Hospital

Barracks Road, Savann-la-mar

Tel: 876-955-9946

Fax: 876-955-2533

Yallahs Health Centre

E Finchley Road, Poor Mans Corner

Seaforth Health Centre

Left Hand Road, St. Thomas

Princess Margaret Hospital

54 Lyssons Road, Morant Bay

Tel: 876-908-5468

Fax: 876-734-0517

Port Morant Health Centre

2 Harbor Head Road, St. Thomas

Morant Bay Health Centre

Morant Bay, St. Thomas

Llandewey Health Centre

Llandewey, St. Thomas

Isaac Barrant Health Centre

Isaac Barrant, St. Thomas

Retreat Health Centre

Content Retreat, St. Mary

Port Maria Hospital

Trinity, Port Maria, St. Mary

Tel: (876)-994-2228

Fax: (876)-908-5469

Port Maria Hospital

Trinity, Port Maria, St. Mary

Tel: (876)-994-2228

Fax: (876)-908-5469

Oracabessa Health Centre

Main Rd, Oracabessa, Port Maria

Islington Health Centre

Islington P.O. St. Mary

Highgate Health Centre

Main Street,. Port Maria

Annotto Bay Hospital

Annotto Bay St. Mary

Tel: (876)-996-2222-3

St. James Type 5 Health Centre

Payne Street, Montego Bay


Maroon Town Health Centre

Maroon Town

Tel: 876-912-5510

Granville Health Centre

Granville, Montego Bay

Tel: 876-979-9548

Cornwall Regional Hospital & Mount Salem Health Centre

Mount Salem, Montego Bay, St. James

Catherine Hall Health Centre

Catherine Hall, Montego Bay

Tel: 876-971-6680

Cambridge Health Centre

Cambridge, Montego Bay

Tel: 876-912-2384

Southfield Health Centre

Flagaman, St. Elizabeth

Santa Cruz Health Centre

47 Coke Drive, Santa Cruz

Tel: 876-908-5467

Junction Health Centre

Chocolate District, Junction P.O. St. Elizabeth


Black River Hospital

45 High Street, Black River

Tel: 876-634-3339

Fax: 876-908-5478

Black River Health Department

High Street, Black River

Tel: 876-965-2712 / 876-965-9173

Spanish Town Hospital

Burke Road, Spanish Town St. Catherine

Old Harbour Health Centre

Lot 5 Marlie Avenue

Tel: (876)-983-2313 / (876)-983-6513

Linstead Hospital

Rodney Hall Road, St. Catherine

Tel: (876)-985-2359

Fax: 876)-985-2241

Kitson Town Health Centre

Kitson Town


Greater Portmore Drug Serv

5 West Greater Portmore, St. Catherine

Tel: 876-908-5474

Fax: 876-949-3735

St. Ann’s Bay Hospital

Seville Road

Tel: 876-972-2272 / 876-972-2273

St. Ann’s Bay Health Department

Owen Sound Drive

Tel: 876)-972-2215 / 972-5728

Ocho Rios Health Centre

Graham Street, Ocho Rios, St. Ann

Moneague Health Centre

Monteague, St. Ann

Claremont Health Centre

Claremont, St. Ann

Brown’s Town Health Centre

Brown’s Town, St. Ann

Alexandria Health Centre

Alexandria, St. Ann


Port Antonio Hospital

Naylors Hill, Port Antonio

Tel: 876-993-2646-8 / 876-613-8400

Port Antonio Health Centre

Port Antonio


Buff Bay Community Hospital

Buff Bay

Tel: 876-996-1478

Porus Health Centre

Porus, Manchester

Percy Junor Hospital

Spaldings, Christiana

Tel: 876-908-5470

Fax: 876-964-2573

Mandeville Regional Hospital

32 Hargreaves Avenue, Mandeville

Tel: 876-962-6479

Fax: 876-908-5472

Mandeville Comprehensive Health Clinic

44 Manchester Road (Former Elizabeth House Property)

Tel: (876)-962-2288

Windward Road Health Centre

18 Paradise Street, Kingston 2

Tel: 876-928-3333 / 876-930-1152

Victoria Jubilee Hospital

North Street, Kingston

Tel: 876-908-5465

Union Square

2 Union Square
Cross Roads
Kingston 5

Tel: 876-908-5479

Fax: 876-929-5294

Sunrise Health Centre

Red Hills Road, Kingston

Tel: 876-969-7310

Stony Hill Health Centre

Stony Hill

Tel: 876-942-9677

National Chest Hospital

36 1/2 Barbican Road
Kingston 6

Tel: 876-970-2855

Maxfield Park Health Centre

87 Maxfield Avenue

Tel: 876-968-7585 / 876-968-7586

Kingston Public Hospital

North Street

Tel: 876-908-5473

Hagley Park Health Centre

118 Hagley Park Road

Tel: 876-968-7586

Gordon Town Health Centre

Gordon Town Road, Kingston 6

Tel: 876-702-1908

Golden Spring/ Stony Hill Health

Centre Stony Hill, St. Andrew

Glen Vincent Polyclinic

3 Trevennion Park Road, Kingston 5

Tel: (876)-908-5475

Fax: (876)-906-3014

Edna Manley Health Centre

35 Grants Pen
Road, Kingston


Comprehensive Health Centre

55 Slipe Pen Road

Tel: 876-922-2095

Bustamante Hospital for Children

Arthur Wint Drive, Kingston 5

Tel: 876-908-5477

Fax: 876-929-2631 / 876-929-5577

Bellevue Hospital

16 ½ Windward Road, Kingston 2

Tel: 876-928-1380

Noel Holmes Hospital

Fourth Charles Drive, Lucea

Tel: 876-956-2733

Fax: 876-956-2704

May Pen Hospital

Manchester Avenue, May Pen

Tel: 876-908-5471

Fax: 876-786-3937

May Pen Health Centre

Main Street, May Pen

Lionel Town Hospital

Bustamante Drive

Tel: (876)-986-3226

Frankfield Health Centre

Frankfield, Clarendon

Chapelton Community Hospital

1 Benton Avenue, Clarendon

National Health Fund (Help Desk)

Spanish Town Hospital
Spanish Town, St. Cathrine

National Health Fund (Help Desk)

May Pen Hospital
May Pen, Clarendon

Tel: 876-906-1106 ext. 2678

National Health Fund (Help Desk)

Union Square – Cross Road, Kingston
2 Union Square, Kingston

Tel: 876-906-1106 ext. 5007

National Health Fund (Help Desk)

Cornwall Regional Hospital
Mount Salem, St James

Tel: 876-971-6571 / 876-906-1106 ext. 5004

National Health Fund (Help Desk)

Mandeville Regional Hospital
Mandeville, Manchester

Tel: 876-625-6299 / 876-906-1106 ext. 5005

National Health Fund (Help Desk)

St Ann’s Bay Hospital
St Ann’s Bay, St Ann

Tel: 876-972-1683 / 876-906-1106 ext. 5006

National Health Fund (Customer Care Dept)

The Towers, 6th Floor
25 Dominica Drive, Kingston 5

Tel: 1-(876)-906-1106 / 1-(876)-906-1106 / 1-(876)-906-2293 / 1-(876)- 906-9667 / 1-(876)-908-2992 / 1-(876)-908-3913/ / 1-(876)-908-3106 / 1-(876)-906-0756

Fax: 1-(876)-906-1105 / 1-(876)-754-2640

NHF Pharmaceutical Division

78 Marcus Garvey Drive
Kingston 13

Tel: 1-(876)-923-6926-8 / 1-(876) 923-6920

Fax: 1-(876)-923-7159

National Health Fund (Head Office)

The Towers, 6th Floor
25 Dominica Drive, Kingston 5

Tel: 1-(876)-906-1106 / 1-(876)-906-2293 / 1-(876)-906-9667 / 1-(876)-908-2992 / 1-(876)-908-3913 / 1-(876)-908-3106 / 1-(876)-906-0756

Fax: 1-(876)-906-1105 / 1-(876)-754-2640

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