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Five Ways to Stay Ahead and Take Your Meds this holiday season

Five Ways to Stay Ahead and Take Your Meds this holiday season

It’s the holiday season, friends and family are around, and all your favourite foods are at your fingertips, but your medications aren’t. This time of year is known for busyness and merriment, making it quite easy to forget to take the medication needed to keep your condition under control.

Here are some medication adherence tips from Pharmacy Services Director, Ruth-Ann Crawford to help you stay ahead and take your meds.

  1. Use a pill organizer: most pill organisers are separated by days, this is helpful if you have multiple medications to be taken daily. Fill out your organizer at the beginning of every week and keep it close.
  2. Use sticky notes: this is an effective and simple option for those who aren’t good with electronics. Put these notes around the house to avoid forgetting your medication. Write a note to yourself on the sticky note and place it in an area where you’re most likely to see it.
  3. Set reminders: Use the calendar app on your smartphone to set occasional reminders. Once the alarm goes off, don’t hesitate, take your meds right away.
  4. Tell a friend or loved one: You can also let others help. Tell them how many pills you have to take and how frequently so they can check in and keep you accountable.
  5. Finally, if you are prescribed multiple medications to be taken daily, talk to your doctor about the possibility of reducing the frequency with higher doses.

Based on the Jamaican Health and Lifestyle Survey (2017) only 40% of those who were on medication for a chronic illness always took their medication. The majority of the respondents stated that they stopped taking medication once they started to feel better.

The NHF wants you to stay ahead and take your meds for more effective management of your condition. Remaining compliant with your medication and the Doctor or Pharmacist’s instructions will help you stay healthier for longer.

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