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NHF Grants FAQs

1. What are the supporting documents needed along with the Grant Request form? 

The following represents the minimum requirements for submission. Items ‘a’-‘d’ are required for all projects and items ‘e’ and ‘f’ are required for any Infrastructure and Procurement of medical equipment projects, respectively.  Items ‘g’ and ‘h’ are dependent on whether additional funds are available from other institutions.

a) Project Proposal template signed by the head of the organization, e.g. CEO, President
b) Completed Grant request Form
c) Project Proposal
d) Supporting documents for the cost of the project, e.g. Quotation, pro forma invoices, summary of Bill of Quantities
e) Architectural designs or working drawings relevant to the stage of the project (11” x 17” paper size)
f) Specifications for any equipment to be purchased under the project
g) Evidence of any self-financing portion of the project, e.g. Bank statement or other forms of commitment
h) Approval letter or any other supporting documents from institutions providing counterpart funding 


2. Is there a limit on the amount given to an organization/ project?

The amount to be approved will be determined by the availability of funds in each fiscal year and at the discretion of the Institutional Benefits Committee. 


3. Can we apply for more than one project at a time? 

The NHF accepts all Grant Requests but approval will be based on the availability of funds in each fiscal year and the nature of the project. 


4. How will funds be disbursed? 

Depending on the amount, disbursements will be made via cheque or wire transfer to the Grantee’s project account. 


5. What percentage will the Grantee have to contribute to the project? 

The Grantee does not have to provide funds to the project, however, in the absence of monies there is the expectation of contribution in other forms, such as sweat equity, time or skill.


6. Can a request be made for supplementary funds to be combined with contributions from other Institutions? 

A request can be made for supplementary funds, however, evidence of approval and or availability of funds from the other institutions or the Grantee must be presented e.g. Commitment Letter and/or Bank Statement. 


7. Should the project be approved from any other institution, such as a government ministry? 

It is very important that projects being undertaken in any government facility be endorsed by the head of the organisation such as the Permanent Secretary or the Regional Director. 


8. Will the project be audited? 

Random audits are conducted on projects funded by the Institutional Benefits Department by NHF Internal Auditors. 


9. Do we report on the progress of the project to the NHF? 

The Grantee must provide a progress report on the status of the project to the NHF every month, no later than the 10th of each month. The reporting template is available for download via the Institution Benefits tab.

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