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Jamaica Moves in School Activity - Grant Request

The National Health Fund supports the Jamaica Moves in School Programme by providing a grant of $75,000 per annum that schools can access during the school year. The grant is broken down into three installments of $25,000 which schools can access each term.

To support activities to be executed by the school community that facilitates the promotion of healthy eating, physical activity and the sensitization of the school population about NCDs. The activities can be focused in one area or can be a combination of the areas mentioned above.


  • Schools can access this fund by applying to the National Health Fund using the prescribed form attached. An outline of the activity for funding will be required as part of the application.
  • A budget for the activity / activities should also be submitted
  • The application should also be accompanied by a letter from the Principal of the school endorsing the request.
  • The request for funding can come from any of the following groups within the school: Jamaica Moves Club/ or a club whose mandate is the promotion of healthy eating, physical activity and building awareness about NCDs or the School Health Advisory Committee.

How does a school qualify to access funding?

  • School administrator has indicated an interest and a commitment towards the promotion of healthy lifestyle in his/her school
  • A structure (club, committee etc.) is in place to facilitate and implement activities for the promotion of healthy lifestyle to the school population in a sustained way.
  • A proposal for the year can be done but funds can be only accessed on a term by term basis and will be no more than $25,000 per term.
  • A report should be submitted to the National Health Fund at the end of the implementation period.
  • Once activity has been funded the school cannot access funding for the next term unless a report is submitted which clearly demonstrates how the previous funding received was utilized. This is critical for audit purpose and to ensure future support.
  • Application forms can be accessed in the following ways: National Health Fund Website, Health Education Officer (Parish Health Department).

Grant Requests must be submitted through the Health Education Officer attached to your school.

Please address your request for funding to:

Mr. Everton W. Anderson
Chief Executive Officer
National Health Fund
6th Floor, The Towers
25 Dominica Drive,
Kingston 5

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