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Board of Management

Mr. Gregory Mair

Mr. Gregory Mair

is the Chairman of the National Health Fund (NHF) and began his tenure in 2017. He has the responsibility of overseeing the statutory body charged with reducing the island's disease burden through greater access to healthcare, health promotion, and the provision of support to health services.

Today, Mair is retired from representational politics but continues to work in other government capacities. He also chairs Desmond Mair Insurance Brokers Limited and has the overall responsibility for the management of the family-owned company specialising in insurance brokerage and housing development.
Dr. Dana Morris Dixon

Dr. Dana Morris Dixon

is the Deputy Chair of the NHF Board of Management. She was appointed in 2017 and, alongside Chairman Desmond Gregory Mair, shares the responsibility of overseeing the policies and general administration of the affairs of the Fund.

Dr. Morris Dixon is a Fulbright Scholar who holds a Ph.D. in International Studies at the University of Denver, Graduate School of International Studies. Currently,  she is the Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer of The Jamaica National Group Limited, where she is responsible for developing and guiding the overall marketing and advertising strategy of the Group, as well as its individual subsidiaries, in addition to identifying and exploring new business opportunities.  She also serves as the chief research officer, developing and driving the use of research for the expansion of new opportunities as well as the development of existing lines of business. 

Additionally, Dr. Morris Dixon is the current Chairperson for the National Family Planning Board and serves as a board member on the International Women’s Forum.
Mr. Everton Anderson

Mr. Everton Anderson

has been the Chief Executive Officer of the NHF and an Ex-Officio member of the NHF Board of Management since January 2013. He has held various positions as a health administrator including Regional Director of the Western Regional Health Authority, Chief Executive Officer of the Cornwall Regional Hospital and Parish Manager in St. James, Westmoreland and Hanover Health Services.

He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Management Studies and his Master of Business Administration in Public Sector Management from the University of the West Indies, Mona. His wealth of health industry experience has guided the NHF to notable accomplishments, including receiving the Public Sector Corporate Governance Award for the 2016-2017 Financial Year and the top Customer Service Agency Award in 2015.

He serves as the Co-Chair of the LINAC Steering Committee which is responsible for the establishment of the two new National Cancer Treatment Centres, among the largest investments in health care in Jamaica. He currently serves on the Board of Cornwall College and is a former Director for Maldon High, Herbert Morrison Technical High School and the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Anderson is a Fellow in the American College of Health Care Executives.
Mrs. Cecile Watson

Mrs. Cecile Watson

was appointed to the Board of Management of the National Health Fund in 2016. She chairs the Audit, Governance and Human Resource sub-committees of the board.

Mrs. Watson is an entrepreneur and former banker with over 30 years in the banking and finance sectors. She has extensive experience as a manager in the private and public sectors.

She also serves on the board of the Development Bank of Jamaica and sits on three sub-committees of that Board.
Mr. Paul Hanworth

Mr. Paul Hanworth

was appointed as a member of the Board of Management for the National Health Fund in 2016. He is the Chief Operating Officer of PanJam Investment Limited, a multi-faceted investment holdings company in Kingston, Jamaica.

In addition to the NHF, he sits on the boards of PanJam Investment Limited, its principal associated company Sagicor Group Jamaica Limited, and a number of PanJam’s other subsidiary and associated companies. He is a Director at the British Caribbean Insurance Company and at Rainforest Seafoods, and chairs the Listed Companies Committee of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica.
Mr. Duke Holness

Mr. Duke Holness

was appointed as a member of the Board of Management for the National Health in 2017. He is a senior executive with over 25 years of experience in successfully commercialising a wide range of consumer and pharmaceutical products for leading multi-national organisations.

Holness has had successful tenures in the Pharmaceutical Industry with multiple and diverse markets throughout the Caribbean and Latin American region.
Mr. Steven Sykes

Mr. Steven Sykes

was appointed to the Board of Management of the National Health Fund in 2016. He is the Director of Operations at the Continental Baking Company Limited, where he has responsibility for the production and distribution of all products and maintenance of company facilities.

Sykes also serves on the boards of Continental Baking Co. Limited, its United Kingdom distribution company NBC Distribution Limited, as well as the board for the Jamaica Manufacturer’s Association. He is a member of the American Society of Baking.
Dr. Tonoya Toyloy

Dr. Tonoya Toyloy

was appointed as a member of the Board of Management for the National Health Fund in 2017. She has been part of the pharmaceutical industry in Jamaica for over 14 years, serving in roles specialising in Community, Industrial, and Academic Pharmacy.

In addition to making contributions to the pharmaceutical field, Toyloy is currently a lecturer at the School of Pharmacy at her former alma mater, UTech.

She is the Managing Director of LiveWell Pharmacy, with operational branches in Portmore Pines, St. Catherine, and Fairview, Montego Bay.
Dr. Kamal Mars

Dr. Kamal Mars

was appointed as a member of the Board of Management for the National Health Fund in 2017. She is a Urologist and a Level 4 medical officer at the Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay. She also consults privately at the Baywest Wellness Clinic, the Montego Bay Hospital and the Hospiten Montego Bay.

Dr. Mars has previously served as a member of the Jamaica Medical Doctors’ Association and remains active in the medical community as part of the Jamaica Urological Society, the Caribbean Urological Association and the Medical Association of Jamaica.
Mr. Dameon McNally

Mr. Dameon McNally

was co-opted as member of the Audit, Risk and Governance Committees in July 2016. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from Northern Caribbean University, a Master of Science in Accounting from University of the West Indies and is an ICAJ Chartered Accountant.

Mr. McNally is currently the Assistant General Manager for Compliance Management at the National Housing Trust having served as Branch Manager from 2013 – 2017. Additionally, He lectures at the Northern Caribbean University.

He also serves as the Chairman of the Lime Hall Primary School Board, President of the Community Association and Chairman of the Strata Property Management.
Mr. Ian Murray

Mr. Ian Murray

is a Graduate of Brandies University, and a former Senator was appointed as a member of the Board of Management of the National Health Fund in 2018.

He is the Managing Director of Sanitary Removal Limited a corporate hygiene company with offices in Kingston, May Pen and Discovery Bay, Jamaica.

In addition to the NHF, he also currently serves on the boards of the National Land Agency and Casino Gaming Commission.


You may communicate with the members of the Board by writing to Mr. Gregory Mair, Board Chairman or Mrs. Cecile Watson, our Governance Chairperson, both of whom are independent, non-employee of the NHF:

Mr. Gregory Mair, Board Chairman OR Mrs. Cecile Watson, Governance Chairperson
c/o National Health Fund
The Towers, 6th Floor
25 Dominica Drive
Kingston 5

Communications may be distributed to all members of the Board or to any individual member of the Board, as appropriate, depending on the facts and circumstances. In that regard, the Board of Management advises that items that are unrelated to the duties and responsibilities of the Board should be excluded and will not be responded to. Such items include, but are not limited to:

  • Spam
  • Junk mail and mass mailings
  • Product complaints or inquiries
  • New product suggestions
  • Resumes and other forms of job inquiries
  • Sponsorship Requests
  • Surveys
  • Business solicitations or advertisements.
  • In addition, material that is unduly hostile, threatening, illegal, or otherwise unsuitable will be excluded; however, any communication that is excluded will be made available to any independent, non-employee director upon request.

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