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Board & Committees, Membership and Responsibilities

Board of Management

The NHF is governed by a Board of Management, which has been given the statutory mandate to assume responsibility for policy and overall leadership of the affairs of the Fund. The Board through its Chairman works closely with the portfolio Minister of Government who has the power to issue general directions on matters of policy.

The Board comprises of a minimum of seven and a maximum of nine members, all of which are appointed by the Minister. The Chief Executive Officer shall be an ex officio member of the Board.

The Board, while regulating its own proceedings and with the Minister determining any allowances and fees for members, has appointed the following committees:

The Board has established five committees to govern the operations of the NHF. They are the Finance Projects & PPP Committee; Audit, and Risk Committee; Corporate Governance Committee; Medical Review and Research Committee and the Human Resource Committee.

  • Audit and Risk
  • Corporate Governance
  • Human Resource
  • Medical Review and Research
  • Finance and Projects 


Audit and Risk Committee

The  Audit and Risk Committee, in keeping with the Public Bodies Management and Accountability Act (December 28th, 2001), Section 8 and 9, an Audit and Risk Committee shall be established at the National Health Fund (NHF).

The Committee is responsible for the following areas:

  • Overseeing the appointment of external auditors, reviewing the internal audit programme, and discussing problems and reservations arising from audits.
  • Reviewing, on behalf of the Board, the system of internal control including financial, operational, compliance and risk management, and give recommendations.
  • Review and monitor the company’s policies and practices to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Monitoring the structure and operations of the various Committees of the Board of Management to ensure that they are meeting their mandates.

Audit & Risk Committee members

  • Chairperson:* Ian Murray 
  • Tania Waldron - /co-opted member
  • Dameon McNally - /co-opted member
  • Hermine Metcalfe


Corporate Governance Committee

The Corporate Governance Committee, in keeping with the Public Bodies Management and Accountability Act, ensures that the NHF’s Board of Management and Senior Management operate in line with international corporate governance best practices and emerging trends.

The Committee is also responsible for the following areas:

  • assist the Board in ensuring that its composition, structure, policies and processes meet all relevant legal and regulatory requirements, particularly those outlined in the National Health Fund Act, the Public Bodies Management and Accountability Act and the Corporate Governance Framework for Public Bodies 
  • uphold the governance accountability system of the NHF, in order to facilitate greater transparency and efficiency in the functions of the NHF;
  • strive to achieve global corporate governance best practice standards; and to
  • monitor Board effectiveness and evaluations.

Corporate Governance Committee members

  • *Chairperson:* Michael Stern 
  • Shane Dalling 
  • Nicole Ebanks 
  • Everton Anderson, /ex officio member

Human Resource Committee

The Human Resource Committee ensures that the NHF staff meets the highest professional and ethical standards, in harmony with the statutory body’s Mission and Vision.

The Committee is also responsible for the following areas:

  • Ensuring the activities of the Human Resource & Administration division of the NHF are in keeping with the policies systems and processes set out in the policy documents that govern the organisation’s operations.
  • Reviewing and determining disciplinary matters and making recommendations to the Board.
  • Reviewing and recommending senior executive recruitment and appointments for Board approval.

Human Resource Committee Members

  • *Chairperson:* Shane Dalling 
  • Sonia Stewart Gordon - /co-opted member
  • Duke Holness 
  • Cecile Watson 
  • Everton Anderson, /ex officio member


Medical Review and Research Committee

The Medical Review and Research Committee monitors improvements in the systems and procedures used in the delivery of NHF’s Individual Benefits.

The Committee is also responsible for the following areas:

  • Reviewing and recommending changes to NHF’s Individual Benefits.
  • Monitoring the implementation of NHF’s Individual Benefits programme.
  • Reviewing and recommending health-related projects referred by the Institutional Benefits Department in accordance with specific guidelines.

Medical Review & Research Committee Members

  • *Chairperson:* Duke Holness 
  • Hermine Metcalfe 
  • Dr. Kamal Mars 
  • Everton Anderson, /ex officio member


Finance and Projects Committee

The Finance and Projects Committee ensures full compliance with statutory financial reporting and oversees statutory deductions and payments.

The Committee is also responsible for the following areas:

  • Reviewing and approving the annual operation plan and budget, and monitor performance against these plans.
  • Recommending for approval banking mandates, financial institutions and limits.
  • Reviewing the investment activities and portfolio of the Fund.
  • Ensuring that project approval does not exceed funds available for Institutional Benefits.
  • Ensuring that project progress is being monitored and appropriate action is being taken by management where projects are not progressing as expected.

Finance, Projects & PPP Committee Members

  • *Chairperson:* Cecile Watson 
  • Howard Mitchell 
  • Dameon McNally – /co-opted member
  • Ian Murray 
  • Everton Anderson, /ex officio member

Board Charter and Committees Terms of References

The Board Charter is a guide for all members of the Board of Management of the National Health Fund. It contains expanded operational rules and procedures from the provisions of the Acts and Regulations governing the operations of the National Health Fund. 

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