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The National Health Fund approved a grant of $15 million for the National Road Safety Council (NRSC), to support its 2011 public education campaign. This current grant brings the total amount provided to the NRSC for public education programmes, since 2005, to approximately $40 million.

Executive Director of the NRSC, Paula Fletcher, says, “NHF has provided a consistent and significant source of funds for the public education component of the NRSC’s mandate. In so doing the NRSC has been able to produce and place multimedia programmes and sponsor special events, designed to educate and reinforce messages to achieve positive behaviour change and compliance with road safety laws among road users.”

Public education is a major component of the road safety promotion equation as outlined in the National Road Safety Policy (2004) and in the Save 300 lives Project, chaired by the Prime Minister, which is currently being implemented.

Mr. Hugh Lawson, CEO of the NHF says ” NHF’s mission is to reduce the burden of healthcare costs in Jamaica and the support provided to the NRSC is aimed at reducing traffic crashes on our roads which result in high levels of death and disability and grave socio-economic costs including burdensome hospital costs. We have noted the declining trend of road deaths and we have to continue our support of the NRSC so this trend can continue “

“Road crashes are not inevitable,” Mrs. Fletcher reiterates. “They can and should be prevented and through the public education component, largely funded by the NHF, we have engaged the public at large, as well as the media, and elevated road safety promotion high on the national agenda.”

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