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A SUCCESSFUL YEAR FOR NHF COMMUNITY HEALTH DAYS – Improving Screening For Chronic Diseases

A SUCCESSFUL YEAR FOR NHF COMMUNITY HEALTH DAYS – Improving Screening For Chronic Diseases

The National Health Fund (NHF) has regarded 2007 as one of its most successful years in delivering Community Health Days across the island with seventy-eight community days held and over 41,500 tests provided for residents in each of the 78 communities visited islandwide. These community days are in addition the 152 community health fairs at which the NHF also provided another 3,500 screening tests.

According to C.E.O of the National Health Fund, Mr. Rae Barrett, This year has been a good year for our health information and prevention activities as thousands more Jamaicans have benefited from the free health checks offered. Many citizens especially in deep rural communities got the opportunity to get health checks they otherwise do not have a chance to access which is the first step in taking responsibility for your health.

Through the community health day programme, the services offered include tests for – blood pressure, blood cholesterol, blood sugar as well as screening for hearing and vision problems, ECG, Pap Smear and Mammograms. Diabetics are also offered free foot care. NHF representatives also enroll new beneficiaries for both JADEP and NHFcard. Rosemarie Lee, Public Information Officer at the National Health Fund believes there will be a steady increase in the number of persons seeking screening tests through the NHF Community Health Day Programme for the upcoming year 2008.

Mrs. Lee noted, The aim of the programme is to promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle in preventing and managing chronic illnesses so we expect more persons to do these health checks as they take responsibility for their health.

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