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Since the National Health Fund (NHF) took over operations of the Jamaica Drug for The Elderly Programme (JADEP) in January this year, there has been a fifty-eight percentage (58%) increase in the number of pharmacies providing JADEP services. Forty-two more pharmacies have signed up to become JADEP providers, bringing the total number of pharmacies where JADEP Drugs can now be obtained to one hundred and fifteen (115). One hundred (100) of these pharmacies are both NHF and JADEP providers.

Pharmacies providing JADEP drugs are now found in every major town across the island, with the majority, thirty-nine pharmacies, being in Kingston and St. Andrew followed by St. Catherine with fourteen (14), St. Elizabeth with eleven (11) and Clarendon with (ten) 10.

Pharmacy Retail Software upgrades are being provided to all JADEP Providers free of charge. The new software enables the use of the JADEP electronic swipe card which came into use earlier this month on July 1. Mr. Cecil White, VP Operations at the NHF says, ?The software upgrade serves to further improve the management and efficiency of the delivery of services to JADEP beneficiaries and improves control of the system.? This he says is accomplished through electronic monitoring of the utilization of members and the JADEP stock at each pharmacy. ?The system also eliminates paperwork at the pharmacy which makes it more attractive to providers?, Mr. White notes.

Approximately eighty thousand (80,000) senior citizens, 60 years old and over are enrolled on the JADEP programme and enrolment is on-going.

A dedicated toll-free line, 1-888-GO-JADEP, has been implemented to assist beneficiaries and providers.

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