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In an effort to facilitate an easier application process for the National Health Fund membership, the NHF is encouraging more persons to apply by mail. The NHF hopes that with the option of mailing in the NHF application form that more Jamaicans suffering from the chronic diseases specified will take up the offer of assistance being provided.

Persons applying by mail must ensure that the application form is properly completed and signed by a medical doctor. They must also attach a photocopy of their Tax Registration Number (TRN).

Once received processing of the NHF application takes three to four weeks after which the NHF Membership Card is mailed to the successful applicant, parent or guardian. Therefore the correct mailing address must be filled out on the application form. Completed applications may be mailed to the National Health Fund, P.O. 412, Kingston 10.

The NHF gives financial assistance with the purchase of over 500 prescription items to all Jamaicans regardless of age or economic status who are suffering from fourteen chronic diseases. These diseases are Arthritis, Asthma, Breast cancer, Prostate cancer, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Major depression, Psychosis, Glaucoma, High cholesterol, Hypertension, Ischaemic heart disease, Rheumatic heart disease, Vascular disease.

The Lifestyle Survey 2000, conducted by the Ministry of Health and the University Hospital of the West Indies discovered that of the persons who are diagnosed with a chronic disease (high blood pressure and diabetes) only 42% of persons with high blood pressure and 67% of diabetics were on treatment.

The NHF is encouraging more persons who have been diagnosed with any of the fourteen chronic conditions to apply for the NHF card to obtain financial help to fill their prescriptions so that they can consistently take their medication, treat their condition and improve their health status.

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