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The National Health Fund is increasing the number of private pharmacies filling prescriptions for public patients from 17 to 52 across the island. Under the Public Sector Pharmacy Partner Programme these private pharmacies facilitate quicker dispensing of medication to persons with prescriptions from public hospitals and clinics.

The expansion of the programme was launched by the Minister of Health, Hon. Dr. Christopher Tufton on Friday, April 20, 2018 at Hilton’s Pharmacy in Montego Bay, St. James and sees 35 additional pharmacies from across the island joining the programme.

Hilton’s pharmacy was acknowledged as the top performing facility for the parish with 16,000 prescriptions having been filled since February, 2017. This was out of a total of 33,000 prescriptions which were filled by five private pharmacies in St. James.

The expansion of the Public Sector Pharmacy Partner Programme is in an effort to provide improved services, including a reduction in waiting time to public sector patients who fill approximately 1.5 million prescriptions each year.

The programme, which was launched in May Pen, Clarendon on December 19, 2016, was piloted in 17 pharmacies in Clarendon, Kingston & St. Andrew and St. James.  Over 73,000 prescriptions have been filled since its inception in 2016.

To be eligible to participate in the programme, public health patients must have prescriptions for medication that are on the Government-approved Vital, Essential and Necessary (VEN) list of drugs. The patient is expected to pay a minimal fee of $200 per prescription which is to offset administrative costs at the participating private pharmacies.

For more information contact:  Shermaine Robotham

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