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New Brands Added To NHF Drug List

New Brands Added To NHF Drug List

Diabetics enrolled with the National Health Fund, NHF, now have more choices for diabetic supplies to help in the management and treatment of their disease.The NHF has added Sure Comfort Insulin Syringes and Lancets as well as Medi-Test Combi Urine Test Strips to its Diabetic Supplies List.

The NHF subsidy for Sure Comfort Insulin Syringes, which come in various sizes, is $11.78 per syringe and the subsidy for the Sure Comfort Lancets is $2.34 per lancet. The Medi-Test Combi 2 Strips (Urine Strips)is subsidized at $1,052.12 per 100 and Medi-Test Combi 6 A Strips at $1,740.39 per 100.

NHF beneficiaries with diabetes will also have access to another brand of Insulin Injections with the addition of the Wosulin brand of Insulin Injections and Penfill Cartridges to the NHF Drug List. The active ingredients available from this label are Insulin Regular, Insulin Isophane and the combination Insulin Regular & Isophane. Wosulin 3 millilitre Penfill Cartridges enjoy a NHF subsidy of $240.06 per cartridge, while the Wosulin 10 millilitre vials for the insulin injection have a NHF subsidy of $800.17 per vial.

Tromblatt (Clopidogrel) another drug label, has also been added to the NHF Drug List with a subsidy of $47.79 per tablet. This drug is used for the treatment of Ischaemic Heart Disease and vascular disease.

Details of the NHF subsidies for these items are available from NHF Participating Pharmacies, the NHF website or by calling NHF.

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