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Chief Executive Officer of the NHF, Mr. Rae Barrett this morning announced the addition of supplies for monitoring and managing diabetes, to the NHF Individual Benefits Programme, at a Media Breakfast at the Terra Nova Hotel in Kingston. ?Effective November 1, 2005, the NHF will be providing a subsidy of 80% to help NHF beneficiaries purchase test strips used to measure blood or urine sugar levels; lancets for pricking the skin to obtain the droplet of blood; syringes or needles used to administer insulin dosages.?

This is the first time the NHF is expanding its coverage outside of prescription drugs only, with the introduction of subsidies for devices to assist individuals in the monitoring and management of diabetes.

Six distributors and manufacturers of Glucometers used to read the sugar level and Penfill applicators used with needles to deliver the insulin dosage, will provide these devices free of charge to NHF card holders with diabetes.

The devices to be provided free of charge are:

? The Prestige IQ glucometer kit from Qualcare

? The Precision Xtra glucometer kit from H.D. Hopwood

? The Novopen penfill applicator from H.D. Hopwood

? The EZ Smart glucometer kit from Carimed

? The One-Touch basic plus glucometer kit from Lasco

? The Accu-Chek glucometer kit from Inter- Commercial

? The Humopens penfill applicator from Medigrace

Each diabetic who uses these devices and are enrolled with the NHF will be allowed one of these items every two years.

The NHF CEO also outlined the process for diabetics enrolled with the NHF, to obtain one of these devices and reiterated that the NHF will not be involved in the choice that each beneficiary makes. In this regard he said ?The Beneficiary should seek advice from their medical doctor or pharmacist on the purpose and use of these devices and so decide on the specific device they wish to obtain, before contacting the NHF with their request?

Minister of Health Hon. John Junor, in praising the new initiative by the NHF and the co-operation from the six companies providing the devices free of charge, says ?This will impact on the control of diabetes by reducing morbidity or illness associated with diabetes and other conditions for which diabetes is a risk factor, while also lessening the need for surgical intervention for diabetics who need amputations when their disease is uncontrolled.? He said the better monitoring and management of diabetes by individuals at home using these devices will reduce expenses for hospitalization.

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An agency of the Ministry of Health & Wellness
NHF’s QMS is ISO – 9001:2015 Certified

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