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The National Health Fund, NHF, will begin the celebration of its fifth anniversary with a church service at the St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, this Sunday April 27, 2008 at 7 a.m.
The NHF began accepting enrollment of beneficiaries on Monday April 28, 2003. Over the five-year period the organization has achieved several milestones making it one of the most successful public sector enterprises in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

NHF was established as a statutory organization to provide financing for national health care and its mission is to reduce the burden on healthcare in Jamaica.

At the end of March 2008 just over 350,000 persons have enrolled for the two health cards offered under the Individual Benefits Programme of the Fund. The NHFCard provides subsidies to purchase over 1000 prescription drugs and is universally available to all residents of Jamaica who are living with any of fifteen chronic illnesses covered by the NHF.
The other card is the Jamaica Drug for the Elderly Programme, JADEP card that provides specified drugs free of cost to the elderly who pay $40 for each months supply to the pharmacist in the private sector.

Enrollment for NHF Individual Benefits began slowly in the first year however it increased steadily since February 2004 when the NHF assumed responsibility for the operation of JADEP and began enrollment of JADEP beneficiaries. While enrollment for JADEP was ahead of the NHFcard for over three years, the number of persons enrolling for both programmes each month has been very similar since August 2008.

In keeping with the increase in enrolment there have also been increases in claims. Claims have increased steadily over the five years as the popularity of the NHF grew and presently over 200,000 claims are paid out each month. In its five years of operation the NHF has paid for 4.63 million claims for drugs for its beneficiaries and the NHF subsidy for these claims has amounted to $2.18 billion.

Under its Institutional Benefits Programme, organizations in the public and private sector have obtained grants totaling J$4 billion for specific projects in health.

The Health Support Fund provides grants to the public health sector for various projects including infrastructure development, training of health professionals, medical equipment & vehicle acquisition and recovery and rehabilitation following major hurricanes. Grants have also been provided for health promotion and among the organizations that have benefited are the Ministry of Health and Environment, the Diabetes Association and the Heart Foundation of Jamaica.
The NHF will be staging other celebratory events throughout the year.

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