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The National Health Fund will be embarking on an island wide enrolment drive for new members. Starting February, NHF teams will be visiting health centers on chronic illness clinic days as it tries to ?bring the enrolment process closer to the target population?.
Applications will be accepted from persons whose application forms will be certified from the medical doctors attending the clinics. Communities will be notified of the dates that the Teams will be visiting and will be reminded to take along the required accompanying documents to complete the application process. These include a TRN and photo identification which could either be a passport, driver?s licence, national (voter?s) identification.

The NHF will also be intensifying its public information campaign and will also be working closely with non-government health related organizations to educate the public on the importance of properly managing and treating their chronic conditions. Various strategies will be employed to achieve this including informational advertising and literature, as well as, seminars, sensitization meetings and promotions through public events e.g. health fairs.

Registration for NHF individual benefits by persons who are diagnosed and certified by a registered medical practitioner commenced on April 28, 2003. To date over 42,000 applications have been received for NHF membership.

The NHF provides assistance to persons who are certified by a registered private or public doctor with one or more of the specified medical conditions, and who register with the NHF. Once approved, the beneficiary is issued with a NHF card and is able to obtain assistance with purchase of drugs from approved participating pharmacies.

The NHF pays a fixed contribution to the price set by the pharmacy for drugs approved by the NHF. The beneficiary is required to pay the difference (this is a co-payment).

Other areas of healthcare will benefit from the Health Promotion and Protection Fund through Primary Care activities such as immunisation and health education programmes which focus primarily on promoting healthy lifestyle behaviour and illness prevention. The Health Promotion & Protection Fund supports all areas of healthcare on a project basis. This component of the Programme will commence shortly.

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