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NHF ENROLLS 38,000 NEW BENEFICIARIES AND HOSTS 76 HEALTH DAYS IN 2014.  Provided $3.6Billion in subsidies to fill 3.7 million prescription items.

The National Health Fund (NHF) enrolled approximately thirty-eight (38,000) new beneficiaries in 2014. This included just over twenty-seven thousand five hundred (27,500) persons for the NHF Card and nearly ten thousand five hundred (10,500) persons for the Jamaica Drug for the Elderly Programme, JADEP. 

During the year two hundred and seventeen thousand (217,000) NHF Card beneficiaries received $3.6 billion in subsidies to fill just over 3.7 million prescription items.

Mr. Everton Anderson, Chief Executive Officer of the NHF says “NHF continues to reach out to Jamaicans with specified chronic illnesses to enroll them for benefits under the NHF Card and JADEP programmes and help them to reduce the cost of medication that will better control their health condition. On average persons with NHF Cards received a fifty percent (50%) subsidy on their prescription drugs. This represents significant assistance for many individuals suffering with chronic conditions.”

During the year the NHF also conducted seventy-six (76) Community Health Days across the island in both rural and urban communities, offering just over forty-eight thousand (48,000) health checks including blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, haemoglobin, ECGs and vision checks. These tests provided individuals with information on their health status and persons with abnormal results all received individual counseling.

Mr. Anderson says the NHF will be placing even greater emphasis on health promotion during 2015, “While efforts to increase enrollment will continue in 2015, NHF will be expanding its health promotion activities to educate Jamaicans on healthy lifestyle and develop skills to make healthy choices and thereby reduce the impact of chronic diseases.  One example is a special male health programme targeting men in the over 30 age group,  who although having similar chronic disease profile as women are not enrolling at the same level or are not taking their medication as prescribed.”

Currently there are approximately five hundred and forty eight thousand (548,000) enrolled under the NHF Individual Benefits Programme for the NHF Card and JADEP. The NHF Card provides subsidies for over one thousand three hundred (1,300) prescription items and covers fifteen chronic diseases. Any Jamaican resident who suffers from any of the fifteen conditions may apply for the NHF Card to assist them to purchase their medication.  JADEP provides seventy-two (72) prescription items for persons who are sixty years and over and who have any of the ten chronic conditions covered by the NHF. JADEP beneficiaries pay forty dollars ($40) for the filling of each prescription item.

Persons needing more information on the NHF programmes may visit our website – nhf.org.jm or call 1-888-643-2273

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