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NHF Funds Modernization Project for Mandeville Regional Hospital

NHF Funds Modernization Project for Mandeville Regional Hospital

The National Health Fund (NHF) has approved funding for the purchase and installation of a Digital Radiological Unit for the Mandeville Regional Hospital (MRH).

Like other major hospitals in the island, MRH is experiencing severe equipment challenges, with the problem being compounded by an increased demand for diagnostic services, since the abolition of user fees in 2008.

The new X-Ray Machine, complete with supporting viewing stations, will  support the delivery of clinical care, improve efficiency and reduce the cost in the delivery of service to the clinicians and reduce the cost associated with the wet processing film system. It will also remove the challenge of inadequate storage of X-Ray films.   Once the equipment is commissioned, the after sales service will be under a service contract to ensure appropriate maintenance and availability of parts, with oversight from the Southern Regional Health Authority (SRHA) and the Mandeville Regional Hospital (MRH) Operations and Maintenance team.

The equipment is expected to have a service life of approximately ten years. Its advantages also include time efficiency through bypassing chemical processing and the ability to digitally transfer and enhance images. Digital radiography also reduces the use of radiation to produce an image of similar contrast to conventional radiography. Instead of X-ray film, digital radiography uses a digital image capture device which gives the advantage of immediate image preview and availability. It will also eliminate costly film processing thus translating into a more efficient and real time processing of X-rays while offering improved diagnostic services to patients.


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