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NHF Helps UHWI Build Largest Water Storage Tank For A Hospital In Jamaica

NHF Helps UHWI Build Largest Water Storage Tank For A Hospital In Jamaica

The University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) received $23.5M from the National Health Fund (NHF) to help build a 783,000-gallon water tank, one of the largest water storage tanks in Jamaica.

Dr. Trevor McCartney, CEO at UHWI says, “Over the years the continuous operation of hospital services has been severely challenged when the island is faced with drought conditions.” Smaller dedicated tanks were installed to serve critical areas such as the maternity ward, neo-natal intensive care unit, Accident and Emergency and the Specialist block. “However the significant boost in storage from this new tank brings our total water storage capacity in excess of a million gallons of water and this ensures that in the event that the public water supply is interrupted either as a result of loss of water pressure or loss of water, most hospital services will be protected and normal services can continue,” the CEO says.

Mr. Ruel Rainford, Senior Director of Administration and Operations at the UHWI says, “Although the 783,000-gallon water storage tank was commissioned into use in late 2009, since that time, water flow into the tank was low as a result of the drought conditions on the island. However with the return of normal water supply and improved water pressure from the NWC recently, the tank is now just over half way filled.” In addition a secondary tank is being completed to assist with the filling of the larger tank in the event of low water pressure and in order to comply with NWC regulations.

The UHWI uses approximately 250,000 gallons of water per day, and with the new tank, when filled, water supply to the UHWI is guaranteed for approximately 4-5 days, in the event of a complete loss of supply. Hospitals are one of the largest water users, with high water use areas being sanitary, air-conditioning, medical processes and laundry.

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