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In an effort to facilitate such vulnerable persons as senior citizens, children and adults who live in state-owned or privately operated homes, and those individuals who have been unable to obtain a Tax Registration Number (TRN) due to extraordinary circumstances, the National Health Fund (NHF) has introduced a Special Registration Number (SRN).

The Special Registration Number will allow access persons to access the benefits of the NHFCard at participating pharmacies islandwide.

Mr. Everton Anderson, CEO of NHF, said the government agency has recognized that there are potential beneficiaries who cannot get an NHF Card because they do not have a birth certificate, which is required by the Tax Administration Department to apply for a TRN.

“Given our strategic priority to improve access by Jamaicans to affordable health care, we have implemented a system for the vulnerable, while maintaining the integrity of the beneficiaries’ records,” said Mr. Anderson. 

He noted that the Special Registration Number would not replace the TRN, but provides a necessary alternative for persons in special circumstances. 

In order to facilitate new applicants with the Special Registration Number, the application process has been modified to include the verification of the applicant, with a letter from a Justice of the Peace, pastor or attorney-at-law. For children, or adults, who are wards of the state, a letter is required from the manager of the Child Development Agency or state-owned/privately owned home.  

The NHF will reserve the right to consult the Registrar General’s Department for verification where necessary.

Consequently, a monitoring and evaluation system has been implemented to examine enrolment and claims activities, along with an ongoing review of the process to identify and mitigate additional risks and improve efficiency.

With the introduction of the Special Registration Number (SRN) in August 2018, several state-owned and private homes across the island have already been sensitized and this will continue.  Registrations have begun and the NHF is anticipating that the uptake of the SRN will grow as the facilities and vulnerable groups become aware and submit their applications.


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