NHF’s QMS is ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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The National Health Fund, NHF, has obtained it certificate of registration for ISO 9001:2000 from the International Organization for Standardization, the world?s largest developer of standards. The registration came after five and a half months of intense teamwork by the NHF staff to redesign its work processes to meet the international standards required for a robust quality management system that focuses on the needs of the customer.

The NHF was audited on January 26-28, 2005 by representatives from ISOQAR, an accredited quality registrar.

Mr. Rae Barrett, Chief Executive Officer of the NHF said, ?Being a new organization it was important to put in place a quality management system as early as possible, to ensure that the most efficient work processes were practiced in order to obtain continuous and improving customer satisfaction.?

In addition the international certification does not supersede government regulations, but in fact enhances the statutory organization?s ability to meet them.

The CEO says he highly recommends the process of registration as it brings discipline to standard operating procedures, making them more efficient and effective.

Mr. Baldwin Tucker, Institutional Benefits Manager, NHF who is also the Management Representative for the Quality Management System, says the ISO 9001:2000 certification is just the start of the journey and continuous improvement is the goal. Twenty-one members of staff were trained as quality auditors and this engendered a greater understanding of the ISO 9001:2000 Standard and also assisted employees by improving their knowledge beyond the boundaries of their department to the role of the wider organization.

Ms. Nsombe Jaja, the management consultant who guided the NHF staff through the registration process, congratulated the staff for the high level of co-operation, participation and engagement. She noted ?I have never seen such buy-in from any other organization since I have been involved in the process of assisting companies to register with ISO?. The five and a half months used to meet the standards was a record for registration in Jamaica. She says the NHF was able to achieve this record because it is a forward thinking organization and its use of technology and the ISO software enabled compliance in the shortest possible time.

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