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NHF Prioritizing Service to Persons with Disabilities

National Health Fund (NHF) customers living with disabilities are receiving improved and prioritized service at the Fund’s pharmacies, and card centers across the island. 

Since the Disabilities Act of Jamaica became effective February 14, 2022, the NHF has intensified its efforts to determine ways in which the NHF, as an inclusive organisation can improve service to this vulnerable group of persons. It is estimated that 600,000 Jamaicans are living with a disability.

Chief Executive Officer, NHF, Everton Anderson speaking at a recent webinar for NHF Providers aimed at promoting improved customer service for PWD, detailed several adjustments made across the Agency to improve customer service to this community.

Currently the NHF is:

  1. Assessing all locations to ensure ease of access
  2. Treating PWD as priority at our points of service
  3. Incorporating sign language on our education screens to explain processes and services, and at major conferences and like events
  4. Issuing magnifying glasses for the visually impaired at select Drug Serv locations,as well as other changes to service delivery
  5. Distributing information through associations for PWD, and of great significance is the publication of a brochure on how to apply for the NHFCard printed in braille.

Also noteworthy, the Fund has established a Customer Service Protocol for PWD to guide staff, and revised the staff handbook to address matters related to PWD.

Patrick Lafayette, blind communication specialist, delivering his address at the webinar commended the NHF for its undertakings.

“It’s quite timely that NHF is moving forward to enhance the customer service experience. In the Jamaican slang, I must say ‘big up yourselves” for that. I salute you all for the efforts and for the energy and focus that the organization has placed on the disabled community in Jamaica.”

“It’s necessary for the public and private sector to be more sensitive to the abilities of people with challenges and become more open to inclusion and integration of the deaf and blind community of Jamaica,” he added.

At the most recent staging of the Office of the Cabinet’s Public Sector Service Excellence Awards, the NHF was the recipient of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award, for demonstrating commitment to those values, in particular for PWD.

The NHF as a leader in customer service is dedicated to uncovering and reducing the challenges faced by PWD in service delivery, and will continue to innovate in their best interest.

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