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The National Health Fund, (NHF) is providing ten point six million (J$10.6m) dollars to the Ministry of Health to support the environmental health programme in the Regional Health Authorities and their Parish Health Departments. The money is being used to defray the cost of burial of dead animals and support the vector control programme in all parishes as the Ministry moves to prevent the outbreak of diseases in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan.

The vector control programme is aimed at reducing the mosquito population and preventing the spread of diseases by mosquitoes, such as dengue fever. Efforts are also being made to reduce the fly population.

Mr. Peter Knight Director of Environmental Health at the Ministry of Health says the quick response and support from the NHF is impacting positively on public health and the environment. ?Already the Parish Health Departments have almost completed the collection and burial of dead animals including livestock and poultry, especially in the plains of St. Catherine and Clarendon which had the largest numbers reported.?

Mr. Knight noted that the support from the NHF has facilitated the employment of casual workers to assist in the clean up and mosquito control programme which is now underway in all parishes.

The support being provided to the environmental programme is in addition to NHF?s sponsorship of a major mass media and education campaign to promote good environmental health practices and the use of safe water in order to stave off water and vector borne diseases in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan. Approximately five million dollars (J$5m) is being spent at intensifying information on the importance of using safe water and how to treat water at home, eliminating mosquito breeding sites around the home and preventing gastroenteritis. The campaign began last week and will run for approximately four weeks.

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