NHF’s QMS is ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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National Health Fund (NHF) Provider pharmacies that have had their computerisation system upgraded to process NHF claims, can now accept NHF Cards from their clients. Pharmacies that have registered as providers and have not yet upgraded their system must contact their Software Provider.
The Pharmacy Software computerises all aspects of pharmacy operations and provides real time processing of NHF claims. This will enable Providers to know immediately if beneficiaries are qualified to receive benefits.

The EOJ has advised that 30,000 applications have been received for NHF benefits since registration began on April 28,2003. Over 13,000 membership cards have been distributed to EOJ registration centres islandwide, however, just over 3,000 of these cards have been collected by the applicants. Persons who have applied for benefits should contact the EOJ centres where they submitted their application form, or call
1-888- NHF CARE for information. The list of EOJ registration centres and their telephone numbers will be published in the press.

Pharmacy Software Providers, Hugh Myrie & Associates and AEJ & Associates have been certified as conforming to the required specification outlined by the National Health Fund (NHF) for processing NHF benefits. The Providers were certified by Advanced Integrated Systems (AIS), which is contracted by the NHF to provide transaction processing services. All claims to the NHF will be adjudicated by AIS.

For further information contact: Rosemarie Lee Tel. 906-1106

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