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NHF’s Weight-loss Winner Tells Her Story

NHF’s Weight-loss Winner Tells Her Story

I am Tashna Samuels. My journey began on March 24, 2010 when I set a weight loss target of 50lbs by February 2011. A few weeks later, I saw the National Health Fund’s (NHF’s) ‘Work it Out Challenge Weight Loss Competition for 2010’ advertised in the newspaper. I was excited about this because I saw it as added motivation to achieve my goal. During the competition, I would be monitored and was accountable to my team and the NHF.
Let’s get to the meat of the matter. What and how did I eat? First, I made a list of all the things I was doing wrong, which included buying all my meals on the road. My kitchen for many months hadn’t seen me boil even a pot of water.

When our food is prepared by others, we lose control. I started preparing all my meals myself – breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I visited the Coronation Market, downtown Kingston, every weekend to get healthy, fresh produce. All my meals on average had protein and one serving of carbohydrates. I did not starve myself. In fact, I ate five times a day.

Dance classes

You cannot lose weight effectively without exercise. I did not want to be bored so I started off with walking and jogging at Mountain Spring. In April 2010, I joined dance classes with the Dance Xpressions Group. In June, I joined a workout boot camp hosted by Juliet Cuthbert. In September 2010, I joined a swimming class and in November, for toning purposes, I started the gym. On average, I was active six days a week.

I also found a few creative ways to keep me motivated and on track. I constantly weighed myself. I created a powerpoint presentation which I entitled ‘Melting like Butter’ that journalised my weight loss through pictures so I could actually see the changes.

I started a workout and eating log which helped me to be aware of what I was doing and eating. I kept reminders around me of weight loss or workout, motivational quotes and a picture of myself before I started gaining weight. Equally as important was my support system, someone to say, ‘You can do it’.

Weight loss has brought me a feeling of renewal. I enjoy trying on clothes, knowing that I don’t have to buy something because it will cover an area of my body that I want to hide.

I enjoy looking at my pictures. Ten months ago I was overweight; today, I am 52 pounds lighter.

– Source: The National Health Fund

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