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Percy Junor Hospital Medical Gas System To Be Modernised With Support From NHF

Percy Junor Hospital Medical Gas System To Be Modernised With Support From NHF

The National Health Fund, NHF, has approved J$9 Million for the installation of a modern piped system for medical gas and medical air at the Percy Junor Hospital in Manchester.
Oxygen and nitrous oxide used for anaesthesia and other hospital care are now delivered to patients by carting cylinders around to the operating theatre and various wards. This old system poses several risks and is obsolete for use with modern anaesthetic machines.

The installation of a modern medical gas and medical air system will ensure the adoption of best practice methods in providing these services to hospital patients.

Dr. Patville Miles, Senior Medical Officer at the hospital says the installation of the new system will improve efficiency in treating patients on the wards with pulmonary diseases who need oxygen.

“They will not have to wait for a cylinder to be rolled from elsewhere in the hospital to their bedside but will have immediate access to oxygen from pipe outlets in the wards”, he says. In addition he says, “The removal of cylinders of gas from the operating theatre where they are presently hooked up to the ventilator machine, will improve the safety of both patients and staff, while the piped gases to be installed will provide for better regulation of gases when anesthetising patients.”

The Percy Junor Hospital serves mainly the residents of Clarendon, Manchester and Trelawny and was handed over to the government in 1945 by Mr. Percival Junor who along with the assistance of his sister Ms Blair built the hospital as gift to the government and the people in that section of the island.

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