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Pharmacists & Pharmacies

Becoming a Pharmacy Provider

If you own a private-sector pharmacy or are a duly authorised officer, and are interested in partnering with the NHF to offer benefits through our NHF Card programs, we would be happy to collaborate with you!

Required Documents

To get started please complete the Provider Application Form and provide us with the originals or certified copies of the following:

  • Pharmacy Council Certificate of Registration of the Shop
  • Pharmacy Council Certificate of Registration of the Registering Pharmacist 
  • Certificate of Business Registration -Registrar of Companies (if applicable) 
  • Certificate/Articles of Incorporation and Articles/Memorandum of Association
  • TRN (Business) 
  • Government issued identification for all owners
  • Letter indicating date of commencement and hours of operation
  • Letter authorising the NHF to share information with a named third party to be accompanied by a certified government issued identification. This letter should include the email address and contact number for the authorised personnel(s).

Police Record

Kindly note that it is mandatory that the owner(s)/director(s) of the pharmacy provide the NHF with a current Police Record. (Existing Providers on the NHF Programme who are already certified and registered with the Pharmacy Council of Jamaica need not provide)

Character Reference

Additionally, one character reference will be required for each of the listed owners/directors from one of the following:

  • Attorney-at-Law
  • Minister of Religion
  • Notary Public 
  • Justice of the Peace 
  • Superintendent of Police or higher rank

Applications for provider status will only be considered if all required documents are up-to-date at the time of application. After a thorough review of documentation, if considered for acceptance, the applicant shall receive a Provider Agreement outlining contractual obligations, operational procedures, and National Health Fund requirements.

The review process may take ten (10) business days once the completed application and all relevant documents are submitted to the National Health Fund.

Updating Your Details

If you are an existing provider and there are changes to your pharmacy details, such as a change of location, it’s important for us to update our records and review your provider status.  Kindly complete a Provider Change Form and return it to the NHF along with current certified copies of the following documents where applicable

Diagnostic Services

Becoming a Diagnostic Provider

If you are interested in  becoming a diagnostic services provider, complete our Diagnostic Services Provider Application Form and provide us with the originals or certified copies of the following:

  • Certificate of Annual Registration from licensing/regulatory body (where applicable) 
  • Pharmacy Council Certificates (where applicable) 
  • Business Name Registration Certificate/Articles of Association (where applicable) 
  • Character reference (for each of the listed owners excluding Public Sector Hospitals/ Labs /NGO’s /Pharmacies) from one of the following:
    • Justice of the Peace
    • Minister of Religion
    • Attorney-at-Law

Note that the submission of all the required documents does not automatically guarantee acceptance.

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