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Take the dance route to fitness


The truth is, most persons do not enjoy “feeling the burn” of exercise. Even though physical activity has several proven benefits, the discomfort of working out is often enough to generate disinterest. However, what if we told you exercise can be quite enjoyable? Activities such as cycling, spinning, skipping, swimming, walking and dancing are all pleasurable and effective ways to get active.

We contacted the experts for their views. Here’s what Ashley Tulloch Grant, Medical Doctor and Dance Fitness Instructor had to say about taking the dance route to fitness.

Why Dance vs Traditional Cardio?

I find exercise to be most effective when you like what you’re doing. I love dancing and most people do too, therefore, it is a great option for those who are trying to ease into their fitness journey or for those who are established in theirs, and want to keep things fresh. Dance is great! There are all the benefits of traditional cardio and twice the vibes.

Why did you choose Dance Fitness?

I have always been a dancer but have certainly not always been interested in fitness. Over time I learned that being “small in body” was not good enough. As I grew as a dancer, joining a professional dance company and grew as a Christian, dance fitness became my way of honouring God with my body. It also became a gateway for my curiosity for other forms of fitness such as weightlifting, Pilates, and calisthenics. With my own fitness journey sparked by dance fitness, I’ve grown increasingly passionate about encouraging others to get moving as well. I’m a stronger dancer and person (in more ways than one) because of my dance fitness journey.

Why is Dance Fitness a good option?

It’s fun! Exercise is most sustainable when you enjoy it and dance fitness is one of the most enjoyable forms in my opinion.

It’s a great option that costs nothing and can be done quickly, conquering 2 of the most common roadblocks to getting started with fitness.

The endorphins released in a good dance cardio workout leave you feeling energized and in a great mood.

You’ll increase in strength, flexibility and confidence that comes from conquering something new and knowing you did something good for your mind and body.

Who can choose this option?

Absolutely anyone can do dance fitness. Once you can move your body, you’re already very well prepared; no experience needed.

How much is needed to be effective?

The recommended amount of cardiovascular training or “heart-pumping” exercise is at least 150 minutes per week. That can be split however a person can manage; 3 days for about an hour or 5 days for half an hour, for example. This can be dance fitness only or dance fitness plus other forms of cardio.

Just do it!

Dr Grant says just do it! Push beyond the intimidation to unlock a new stronger, fitter you!

“There are so many dance classes open for complete beginners, even in different genres and if that’s too much YouTube is full of dance workouts for all levels. Let today be the day you do something good for your body, start small and keep going from there, you will not regret it! That’s a promise”

You heard it from the expert herself, dance fitness is for everyone.

Physical activity is a great defence against diabetes, high blood pressure and other heart-related diseases. If you’re already living with these conditions, exercise along with taking your medication as prescribed are great ways to manage your condition. Are you an NHF beneficiary? Apply today to enroll, and start benefiting from subsidies and save on your medication. The NHF is here for health, NHF is here for you.

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