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Michael Stern

Michael Stern is a businessman and his first entrepreneurial endeavour was the supermarket chain called Shopper’s Fair. He has had notable achievements in communication and the technology sector. Mr. Stern served as the CEO of U2 Connect Communications Limited as well as Speedtalk Mobile, which spans across the Caribbean including Jamaica, Trinidad, Haiti, Suriname, Guyana, El Salvador, Honduras and Panama.

In addition to his numerous business ventures, from 1999-2010, Stern published a regional newspaper called News Express which reported on the news and other activities in Central Jamaica. For the past fifteen years, has organized a junior football league in North West Clarendon. He’s also an active member and contributor to the Rotary Club of Mandeville.

Mr. Stern, who is also the CEO of Property Development Company, Vim Investments Limited and has partnered with various groups to develop properties into lots and housing development mainly in Mandeville, Clarendon and St. Catherine.

Michael Stern has been involved in many philanthropic initiatives and has dedicated his time and portions of his resources in helping the indigents and has also organized many treats for children and various community based activities aimed at helping with the social and infrastructural needs of communities he served.

He holds a BA in Business Finance from Florida International University and currently serves as a Government consultant in the area of infrastructure development and communication.

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