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The NHF Card Programme provides subsidies to every person living in Jamaica at any age for the treatment of 17 chronic illnesses

The NHF Card helps you to pay for a select list of prescription drugs, respiratory devices, diabetic supplies and diagnostic tests via our participating pharmacies, laboratories or doctors offices. The NHF covers a fixed amount of the total cost, and you only pay the balance.

The NHF Card can also be combined with a private health insurance provider’s card to cover prescription costs. The NHF is always the first payer, and after the first amount is paid your private health insurance will be applied to the balance allowing you to pay even less out of pocket.

In order to streamline the NHF Individual Benefits Programme, the benefits for all three health cards administered by the Fund (NHF Card, JADEP & GOJ), will be merged into the NHF Card, effective Monday September 21, 2020.

All beneficiaries will be able to access the benefits relevant to their age group, with the swipe of the NHF Card at participating NHF Card and Jamaica Drug for the Elderly Programme (JADEP) pharmacies.



If I already have a NHF Card, will I still need to register for a NHF Card?

No. There is no need to obtain a membership card. The NHFCard will facilitate access to benefits for (NHF, JADEP and GOJ) at participating Pharmacies.

I have both NHF and JADEP Card will I still need to use both cards?

NHFCard will facilitate access to both NHFCard and JADEP benefits and the JADEP card will no longer be required to access JADEP Benefits.

Can I still use my GOJ Card?

Yes.   Enrolment for the GOJ card will continue as necessary, however, if you have an NHF Card it would not be necessary to register for the GOJ card.   Remember that the GOJ Health Card allows residents of Jamaica seeking healthcare in the public health sector to have access to all health services as medication on the Vital Essential and Necessary (VEN) list.



I lost my JADEP Card, will I get an NHF card instead of the JADEP card. Will I have to carry an application form to the doctor for him to complete?

Yes. JADEP cards will no longer be issued to persons. An application form should be used to obtain the NHFCard. TRN and validation of diagnosis by your doctor is a requirement.

How will I be able to differentiate JADEP payment from NHF using the NHFCard?

JADEP Beneficiaries will still continue to pay the provider $40 per item up to a maximum of $240 for six or more items dispensed from the JADEP Drug List.

Will I still be able to get JADEP drugs using my NHFCard only?

Yes. NHFCard will enable you to access NHF and JADEP benefits at participating providers.



I still have old application forms for NHF can I continue to issue those to new applicants?

Existing NHF Applications forms (NHF -yellow and Change forms –blue) in the field will continue to be accepted until depleted.
(JADEP applications will not be accepted as an application for new NHFCard).

Under the new NHFCard Model what will be the JADEP Reimbursement Model?

Beneficiaries 60 years of age and over will continue to pay the provider $40 per item up to a maximum of $240 for six or more items dispensed from the JADEP Drug list. NHF will continue to reimburse providers $300 per prescription until further advised.

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