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Ways to save money with the NHFCard

Ways to save money with the NHFCard

You may not be able to control food prices, but you can have some say in how much you pay for medications used to treat your health condition. The NHF is here for you! Along with offering subsidies on thousands of medication used to treat 17 chronic illnesses, cardholders can pay less for select diagnostic tests, respiratory devices and diabetic supplies associated with their condition.

Here are some additional ways that you can keep more money in your pocket as an NHFCard holder.

Children get ddoouubbllee

Beneficiaries 18 years of age and younger receive two times the subsidy when the NHFCard is used to purchase medication. This means, if the regular subsidy is $100 for adults, the child will receive $200 off the cost to fill the prescription item. If your child has any of the illnesses we cover, you can save more with the NHFCard. 

Compatible with private insurance

If you have private health insurance, you can save even more. Combine your NHFCard benefits with your private health insurance to pay less out of pocket.

Respiratory devices

Along with the inhaler/pump, varying brands of spacers and masks can be purchased at subsidised costs for children and adult beneficiaries living with asthma to help with effectively delivering the medication from the inhaler to the lungs. 

Diagnostic Tests

The haemoglobin A1C test/HbA1C is available to beneficiaries enrolled for diabetes four times each year or every ninety days at a subsidised rate. Beneficiaries living with other conditions may access the test once per year. The service is offered at the subsidised rate at fifteen participating providers across the island.

Cardholders enrolled for Breast Cancer can have Receptor Studies done at the University Hospital of the West Indies Pathology Laboratory for $4,800.

Additionally, as of February 2023 every male 40 years and older enrolled in the NHF-Card Programme will have access to the Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Test once per year at participating labs. This will be at a subsidised rate of $1,600.

Diabetic Devices

Diabetic patients enrolled with the NHF receive subsidies for test strips, lancets, and insulin syringes/needles. Free insulin penfill applicators are given to beneficiaries enrolled for diabetes. Patients may also apply for a free glucometer every two years.

The National Health Fund is here to serve all Jamaicans. If you’re diagnosed with any of these conditions (Click Here), apply for the NHFCard to reduce your expenses for pharmaceuticals, respiratory devices and diabetic supplies.

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